Saturday, 24 November 2012

Winter Weekend Away

Winter Weekend Away

Fat Face graphic hoody, $67 / Fat Face checkered shirt, $56 / Fat Face cotton shirt, $40 / Fat Face feather vest, $115 / Fat Face , $29 / Jessica Simpson wedge heels / Fat Face knit boots, $40 / Travel tote bag / Roxy cross body shoulder bag / Fat Face floral handbag, $40 / Fat Face button jewelry, $13 / White Stuff wide belt, $40 / Fat Face crochet scarve, $29 / White Stuff knit glove, $24 / Fat Face knit beanie, $22

A much needed update!


Well...its been a wee while since I've updated my blog but I've been a busy bee working and spending time with friends and family.  I seem to have been out a lot this past month so its nice to have a chilling weekend back home.   I recently went to see Nina Nesbitt in the Tunnels in Aberdeen and to be honest I didn't really know her music but I love going to gigs and listening to new music so I went along with some friends.  I wasn't disappointed as shes got a lovely voice and is a very talented lady.  Boy and The Apple Tree are two of my favourite songs to listen to at the moment.  Check her out!

My friend Claire left her last job to start a new one so we celebrated in style and made cocktails in Revolution.  Sadly quite a few people couldn't make it so there was more for us and we had a blast!

Two weekends ago I went North of Inverness for her sister's 21st birthday where she had a ceilidh in a local hall.  When they go out drinking they call it 'going on the shot' and above is just a small section of our table full of booze! Also above is a picture of me and Claire doing a dance called the Gay Gordons which is a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance.  Her tartan top was the same one that Katy Perry wore but her's was in red when she had a concert in Glasgow.  At the bottom is the after party with us in the bath until Claire sat on the taps and all this water came rushing out and we all jumped out of the bath! Fun Times.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

What I bought

Baltiste Dry Shampoo  I'm not sure what I did before dry shampoo was invented! This is one of my essentials and I bought this for its cute design.

Garnier BB Cream  I've heard a lot about the new Garnier BB Cream so thought I would give this a go.

Pink Bubbly Vaseline I love this, it looks very classy and I always have a pot of Vaseline in my bag.  It has a nice pink colour and I like the hint of champagne you can smell  from it.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My week in pictures

Well this week I've not been able to put down the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes given to me by my flatmate. Amazing story, would recommend this to anyone.  Last Saturday me and the girls had a wee trip down to the Perth Races, a great day enjoyed by all! Lots of Pimms consumed and shouting on horses! Above is us getting to the races on a vintage double decker bus.  I've also had a week off work and decided to go down to Edinburgh to visit some friends and soak some atmosphere from the Fringe Festival.  Above are just some of the many flyers I got handed walking up the Royal Mile, it was really interesting seeing snips of different theater shows and performing artists.  I'm always fascinated with people who play and perform with fire and above was a street performer I really enjoyed watching!  

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Some photos from this week

This week I've had a family BBQ in the garden and played a spot of table tennis and badminton! Went to the cinema twice and saw The Expendables 2 and The Bourne Legacy.  Didn't like all the shooting in the Bourne film but apart from that I thought it was an okay film.  I enjoyed The Expendables and thought bits were quite funny! Also had a frozen tango at the cinema which was lush! Some of the photos above are from my room back home.  I love my camper van canvas it reminds me of the days when I used to watch Home and Away when Noah, Hayley and the Sutherlands were all in it!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Home in the Garden

Biker Jacket: Miss Selfridge   Jeans: Primark  Top: (old) Warehouse   Shoes: (sale) New Look

This weekend I've decided to have a quiet one at my parents house in a village in the north east of Scotland.  My mum is a keen gardener and above is a picture of her tomato plants in her green house and her gardening inspiration board! You can also see me standing in front of  a plum tree and in front of her veg patch where she's growing strawberries, courgettes, onions and peas.  Otto is my gorgeous cat who is very friendly and quite happy to follow you around the garden.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Well this week I've been to the cinema to see TED which was a pretty funny film and definitely worth a watch! On Friday night one of my friends had a bbq which was good fun and despite some of the food being a bit charcoaled it still tasted pretty good and my friend Sara makes the best Sangria! 

Yesterday I met up with my sister and her boyfriend and we had a look through Aberdeen's outdoor market and had a wander round Aberdeen in the sunshine. Last night I had a pretty chilled night and ordered in a pizza and caught up the latest celebrity gossip with Reveal.  I also had some of Scotland's best hangover cure - Irn Bru to help me out after Friday nights boozy antics!

Just put up a photo of my new lampshade which I think looks very cool! I've also been shopping during the week and bought some jewellery as above from Primark and Accessorize on sale!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

                                     My Birthday Week!

Well now I'm 25...eeek! For my birthday I was working during the day and went out for a family meal to Ask Italian, It was a great meal enjoyed by everyone and even our waiter joined in to sing happy birthday to me! I love nice birthday cards and here are my lovely cards above! Feeling a lot better now and I even managed to go out for a few cheeky cocktails on Thursday night :-) Also above is a selection of presents I got from my flatmate and sister.  My bare Minerals lip glosses are just ace!

Last night I stayed in like many of you Brits to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Thought it was a bit slow at start but really liked watching all the the different music era's changing...although I did think they could have fitted in the Spice Girls in the 90's somewhere! 

Today was our annual family picnic in Ballater.  Once a year all my mum's side of the family get together in the local hall.  So it was a good day and I even managed to sneak away to go to my favourite sweet shop in Ballater and pick up these jems above! Rhubarb rock is a must try!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This week I have decided to take some photos of some of the things in my room of my new flat.  I really like pastel colours in my bedroom and love bright colours too so I like mixing up bed covers and ornaments in my room on a regular basis! Although I'm hopeless at keeping it tidy!  Oh and I also love a soya latte from Starbucks on a Saturday morning! The card in the top photo is my first birthday card....will hopefully be getting some more tomorrow when I hit the big 2 5! This past week I've been catching up with friends and farmers and chilling as I've not been very well.  However I'm starting to feel better and am looking forward to my Italian birthday meal tomorrow evening.

Fi x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A little bit about me...I love books, skiing, anything French, cocktails, flowers, clothes and accessories! I live  in the centre of Aberdeen which is very handy for going to work, shopping and a night out! I have a lovely group of friends and after moving away from Aberdeen in 2010 to do a few winter seasons in the French Alps, its definitely good to be back! Although I do miss skiing on my days off! 

I'm new to this and am currently getting inspiration from some of the great blogs out there! 

Will add some photos soon 

Fi x