Saturday, 24 November 2012

A much needed update!


Well...its been a wee while since I've updated my blog but I've been a busy bee working and spending time with friends and family.  I seem to have been out a lot this past month so its nice to have a chilling weekend back home.   I recently went to see Nina Nesbitt in the Tunnels in Aberdeen and to be honest I didn't really know her music but I love going to gigs and listening to new music so I went along with some friends.  I wasn't disappointed as shes got a lovely voice and is a very talented lady.  Boy and The Apple Tree are two of my favourite songs to listen to at the moment.  Check her out!

My friend Claire left her last job to start a new one so we celebrated in style and made cocktails in Revolution.  Sadly quite a few people couldn't make it so there was more for us and we had a blast!

Two weekends ago I went North of Inverness for her sister's 21st birthday where she had a ceilidh in a local hall.  When they go out drinking they call it 'going on the shot' and above is just a small section of our table full of booze! Also above is a picture of me and Claire doing a dance called the Gay Gordons which is a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance.  Her tartan top was the same one that Katy Perry wore but her's was in red when she had a concert in Glasgow.  At the bottom is the after party with us in the bath until Claire sat on the taps and all this water came rushing out and we all jumped out of the bath! Fun Times.

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