Saturday, 28 July 2012

                                     My Birthday Week!

Well now I'm 25...eeek! For my birthday I was working during the day and went out for a family meal to Ask Italian, It was a great meal enjoyed by everyone and even our waiter joined in to sing happy birthday to me! I love nice birthday cards and here are my lovely cards above! Feeling a lot better now and I even managed to go out for a few cheeky cocktails on Thursday night :-) Also above is a selection of presents I got from my flatmate and sister.  My bare Minerals lip glosses are just ace!

Last night I stayed in like many of you Brits to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Thought it was a bit slow at start but really liked watching all the the different music era's changing...although I did think they could have fitted in the Spice Girls in the 90's somewhere! 

Today was our annual family picnic in Ballater.  Once a year all my mum's side of the family get together in the local hall.  So it was a good day and I even managed to sneak away to go to my favourite sweet shop in Ballater and pick up these jems above! Rhubarb rock is a must try!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This week I have decided to take some photos of some of the things in my room of my new flat.  I really like pastel colours in my bedroom and love bright colours too so I like mixing up bed covers and ornaments in my room on a regular basis! Although I'm hopeless at keeping it tidy!  Oh and I also love a soya latte from Starbucks on a Saturday morning! The card in the top photo is my first birthday card....will hopefully be getting some more tomorrow when I hit the big 2 5! This past week I've been catching up with friends and farmers and chilling as I've not been very well.  However I'm starting to feel better and am looking forward to my Italian birthday meal tomorrow evening.

Fi x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A little bit about me...I love books, skiing, anything French, cocktails, flowers, clothes and accessories! I live  in the centre of Aberdeen which is very handy for going to work, shopping and a night out! I have a lovely group of friends and after moving away from Aberdeen in 2010 to do a few winter seasons in the French Alps, its definitely good to be back! Although I do miss skiing on my days off! 

I'm new to this and am currently getting inspiration from some of the great blogs out there! 

Will add some photos soon 

Fi x